Sunday, June 25, 2006

Gaza Withdrawal Bringing On War

This is a street scene from Neve Dekalim (Dwelling of Palms), a town in the former Gush Katif settlement group in Gaza. The Israeli army destroyed these homes when it expelled Jewish families from Gaza last August. The larger buildings left standing are now used as training bases for Palestinian militias.

These are some of the children of Gush Katif, who lived in the homes that were destroyed. Many of the families of Gush Katif and other Gaza settlements are still living in hotels or tiny prefab homes, the Israeli government having reneged on its promise to resettle them.

This is one of the famous greenhouses of Gush Katif, which used to export insect-free, hydroponically grown vegetables across the world, bringing millions of dollars annually into the Israeli economy. At time of the Gaza expulsion, American Jewish philanthropists purchased the greenhouses and gave them to the Palestinian Authority, to foster Arab economic development in Gaza. Arab mobs stripped them and most today are useless ruins.

These are photos of Lt. Hanan Barak, age 20, from Arad (left), and St.-Sgt. Pavel Slotsker, 20, from Dimona (right), who were killed on Sunday when Palestinian gunmen attacked an Israeli military outpost at Kerem Sholom (Vineyard of Peace) located in Israel within the 1967 armstice lines. Four other Israeli soldiers were wounded and one was kidnapped. Israel entirely withdrew from Gaza supposedly to eliminate the need for military bases there, which put Israeli soldiers in harm's way. As reported here in the Jerusalem Post, continued shelling of Israeli towns from Gaza now has compelled Israel to plan a ground assault back into Gaza.

This final photograph is Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who, together with former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, planned and implemented the destruction of Israeli towns, farms and businesses in Gaza, and the expulsion of the Jewish population. All of the dire warnings of critics of the Gaza expulsion have been proven true. All of the objectives of the Gaza expulsion have turned out to be naive fantasies. The question therefore arises, "Why hasn't this man resigned his office in shame and embarrassment?"


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