Monday, June 19, 2006

Article 6 Blog Interviews Richard John Neuhaus

I'm confident that some readers of this blog will be interested in a discussion that is flowering right now on Article 6 Blog. The post is an interview with the Reverend Richard John Neuhaus, a well-known thinker in Christian (especially Catholic) circles. I personally found Fr. Neuhaus's comments fascinating.

I am one of the co-authors of Article 6 Blog, and I think this discussion is of the highest quality and very much worth following. My blogging partner John Schroeder and I are trying to promote some clarity on differences between Mormons and evangelicals, and by doing so to reduce some of the unfortunate enmity that has existed.

Anyway, John and I would love to see our Article 6 Blog discussion expand -- both on our blog and on other sites. You can read the Neuhaus interview here, and express your own views on the comments forum.


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