Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hamas Gunmen Shoot Children

How many times have you seen stories in the Los Angeles Times or other MSM about a Palestinian child killed or wounded by Israeli artillery shells or bombs. In none of those cases are the children targeted by the Israel Defense Forces, but because Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Al Aksa Brigades and the other Palestinian terrorist militias make a point of shielding themselves in civilian populations, civilians, including children, are exposed to the risk of injury and death.

This story is different. Hamas gunment attacked a funeral possession for a Fatah gunman killed in fighting in Gaza. The Hamas gunmen chose a non-military target. This was close-range, choose your target shooting. And the wounded included Palestinian children. If the world even notices, you can bet it will be to somehow blame the Hamas-Fatah fighting on "Israel and the occupation."

What is now happening in Gaza would be familiar to many unfortunate residents of South Central Los Angeles. Two (or more) criminal gangs are fighting for control of the local rackets, of smuggling of arms and drugs, of extortion. Those unlucky enough to live in the neighborhood where the gang war is raging can only pray not to be caught in the crossfire.


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