Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Quote of The Day: Clinton, Inc.

Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris, writing in The Hill newspaper:

Are we truly to believe Hillary’s insistence last week that she knew
nothing about Bill’s counseling of his friend and benefactor the crown prince of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, on the ports deal? Do Bill and Hillary Clinton ever speak to each other, or do they just attend funerals, fundraisers and Billy Graham crusades together for photo-ops?

Bill is, after all, a regular in Dubai. The crown prince — that is, the government — contributed to his presidential library and pays him $300,000 per speech. Recently, Yucaipa, an American company that has Bill Clinton as a “senior adviser” and pays him a percentage of its profits, formed a partnership with the Dubai Investment Group to form DIGL Inc., a company dedicated to managing the sheik’s personal investments.

No doubt Bill Clinton was brought in to cement this lucrative deal from which he — and therefore Hillary — will likely make millions. Neither Bill nor Hillary will disclose how much he is paid, but her Senate financial disclosure says that he will make “more than” $1,000. They also won’t say how much Dubai royalty gave to the Clinton library.

. . .

What’s really going on here is that Bill Clinton is trying to please his Arab patrons and business partners at the same time that Hillary Clinton is trying to capitalize on American stereotypes about Arab terrorists.

Read the whole thing. One thing about the Clintons-- they're consistent!


Anonymous DL said...

Dick seems to have as a major goal in life the stopping of one Hillary Clinton from becoming president. This makes me tend to like what otherwise seems to be an unlikable person. This is one of Dick's better articles, however -I wonder if it will make much difference in the long run. Perhaps this country, like the recovering alchoholic, needs to hit bottom first, before it repulsively rejects Godless, socialist liberalism. Hillary, in the long run may be good for the country if she serves as a means of our growing up finally.  

Posted by DL

Thursday, March 09, 2006 4:47:00 AM  

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