Saturday, March 25, 2006

And Now for Something Completely Different

The Flying Feline

You may be a person who, like me, enjoys cats. (We have two, along with one often befuddled large dog.) Then again, you may be someone who can't stand the critters. Either way, this video should increase your appreciation for the feline species' toughness and survival skills. If you're a cat-hater, you probably won't like the outcome here. Everyone will be amazed, however.

(Thanks to Blogotional.)

Other Offbeat Video and Stories

1. Excuse me, but I found the "helpful tips" at the end of this CNN story a little bizarre. (Preview: The tips are designed to help you avoid forgetting that you left your baby in the back seat of your car. I know some people are absent-minded, but . . . .)

2. This complaint by a disgruntled teacher takes the cake. Or the chair. Or something.


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