Thursday, March 23, 2006

This Old House

This afternoon, Hugh Hewitt, our Blogfather here at The Hedgehog Blog, interviewed Victor David Hanson regarding this article posted at Jewish World Review. Hanson looks at the differences between the past generations who lived in his family home, built in 1870 by his great-great-grandmother, and today's generation. A money quote:

But the greatest difference is that those first four generations who lived and died in this house shared a certain tragic vision of man's limitations. Perhaps they lost too many crops before harvest. Or they grew to assume that optimistic weather reports and upbeat cooperative newsletters were hardly to be trusted as "intelligence." They considered the choices in their many wars only between bad or worse, and that the Americans who fought them did not have to be perfect to still be good.

Tune in to Hugh's show tomorrow for a rebroadcast of his interview with Hanson. Hopefully Generalissimo will post the transcript of the entire interview at Radio Blogger.


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