Friday, March 24, 2006

Early Childhood Education in Hamasistan

Move over, Rob Reiner. Hamas has its own version of Early Childhood Education. Palestinian Media Watch recounts how Hamas promoted a "Palestinian Children's Festival" in Yemen, and posted photos from the festival on the Hamas website. As Palestinian Media Watch notes:

It is somewhat ironic, that while this terror role-modeling for children is being glorified by Hamas, the actual celebration of terror for children took place in Yemen. This is the same Yemen, who according to US News and World Report last week: "has become one of America's most unexpected allies in counter terrorism." [March 13, 2006 page 38]

The photos above illustrate what one Hamas representative described as the theme of the festival, "Palestinian children fight alongside the adults in the resistance." In the left photo, a young girl wears a sash with the name of Reem Riyashi on it. Reem Riyashi was a woman suicide terrorist who killed four Israelis. This is the "early childhood education" that produces suicide bombers.

Lowell comments: This is just another example of what we have noted here before: Among terror-friendly Islamic groups there is a very different notion of what it means to be a civilized society. Sadly, among Islam's sympathizers this behavior is too often seen as noble.


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