Saturday, September 03, 2005

Gregory Henderson, M.D., Reports from his Makeshift Clinic in New Orlean

We have a situation here where the blogosphere can help publicize a need.

Dr. Greg Henderson is the heroic physician who sent his family away to safety and stayed in New Orleans to help with the disaster. This is a man of courage. Although he is a pathologist and a medical school practitioner who does not deal directly with patients, he threw himself into a chaotic and dangerous situation because he knew he could help. I posted Dr. Henderson's first e-mail here. If anything's a must-read, that e-mail is.

Now he has responded to an e-mail I sent him earlier this week. I received the following today at 6:57 a.m.:

I am replying to all of your letters of prayers and support in this way in the interests of time.

1. thanks for all your letters of support and prayers and offers to help.

2. i am safe, and now based at the Sheraton hotel where we have a new makeshift clinic established.

3. the situation at the convention center is urgent and disastrous = 10-20 thousand people in dire need of health care from minor to severe. A small MASH unit was established there last night. I will be joining them today - I desparately need the help of as many medically trained individuals as possible to triage these patients, treat if necessary, and evacuate - only the most serious will be seen at the MASH

4. i need to figure out how to set up a morgue. there are several dead at the convention center

5. some supplies are ariving today courtesy of Fred Eschelman and PPD Inc of north carolina - I will get these supplies to the convention center as soon as they arrive.

6. i need mobile dialysis units - thousands haven't been dialysed in over a week.

7. i can be reached pretty well on my cell phone at 504-717-8135 8. now is the time to act - i need help - i haven't found any other physicians in the field yet and i can only do so much

9. Ochsner is the only fully functional facility in the city - they are effectively taking care of all of their patients and offering extrordinary help, an lots of supplies - i am proud to be part of this organization.

Greg Henderson


I am sure help will be flowing to Dr. Henderson soon. Meanwhile, if anyone knows of a way to get him the help he's asking for, go to it!

UPDATE: Commenter Paul D., also a physician, notes this morning in response to my post below:

Yes, that is the Greg Henderson who was my classmate for the first two years of medical school. He is on Fox News now, asking for any trained medical personnel (EMT, PA, RN, LPN, MD, etc) to arrive downtown to the Convention Center area to assist with triage of these people. Some will not be well enough to be evacuated before being treated and need immediate attention; others can be sent on their way once transportation is available.

Good for Greg. And although this might be lost on non-physicians, for a guy who practices pathology to have taken a lead role as he has is astounding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just read the postings from dr. greg henderson. my heart goes out to you for jumping in like that and helping for poor, desparate people. you are truly a hero. maryann kelly 

Posted by maryann kelly

Monday, September 05, 2005 8:10:00 PM  
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