Monday, August 15, 2005

Newsweek Provides Evidence That - Gasp!- Bush Is No Monster

The extent to which the Angry Left (and far too many of the so-called Democrat "centrists") try to demonize G.W. Bush would be funny if it were not so relentless, so cynical, and so indecent. Cindy Sheehan is only the latest manifestation. In her case the the MSM's willingness to serve as a megaphone for and its fellow-travelers makes the matter all the more disgusting.

Out of this darkness bursts a fair Newsweek article that not only shows Bush as a real human being with a heart, who apparently struggles painfully with the burden of putting young men in harm's way, but also shows some of the nuanced and varied reactions of soldiers' families. Michelle Malkin summarizes the Newsweek article here. Both the article and Michelle's post are absolute must-reads. The blogger comments Michelle includes are just as worthwhile as the Newsweek piece, if not more.


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