Friday, May 20, 2005

Can Respect Between Muslims and Non-Muslims Be Mutual?

Read this op-ed piece from Opinion Journal by Ali al-Ahmed, director of the Saudi Institute in Washington. You may start to wonder.

Read it all. Here's an excerpt:

As a Muslim, I am able to purchase copies of the Quran in any bookstore in
any American city, and study its contents in countless American universities.
American museums spend millions to exhibit and celebrate Muslim arts and
heritage. On the other hand, my Christian and other non-Muslim brothers and
sisters in Saudi Arabia--where I come from--are not even allowed to own a copy
of their holy books. Indeed, the Saudi government desecrates and burns Bibles
that its security forces confiscate at immigration points into the kingdom or
during raids on Christian expatriates worshiping privately.

Muslims of good will need to engage constructively with the West on these issues, and soon.


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