Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Jewish Extremists Strike Again!

From guest blogger Ralph Kostant:

Here is how the AP reported the story, “Israelis Foil Plot By Jewish Extremists”:

AP - Mon May 16, 6:20 PM ET

JERUSALEM - Three Jewish extremists planned to fire a missile into Islam's
third-holiest shrine in hopes of unleashing mayhem across the Middle East and
halting Israel's planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and part of the West
Bank this summer, police said Monday.

And here, from The Jerusalem Post, is (as Paul Harvey would say) the rest of the story:

But calling into question the strength of the police's case, however, all of the suspects have been released from custody, with the state attorney's office
deciding not to press charges against any of the suspects due to lack of evidence and the fact that they had second thoughts about their plot even before they were detained.

"Beyond the planning, it has not been proven that those involved in the case had enough time to carry out any crime, and it appears that the suspects repented and changed their minds even before their arrests," a Justice Ministry statement on the case read.

Let's see if that makes it into the L.A. Times tomorrow.

Ralph B. Kostant


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