Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Request for Blogging Advice


At the suggestion of some kind readers I have begun thinking about switching The Hedgehog Blog to another service, which would allow me to do more with this blog.

My problem is, I am still pretty new to the world of blogging and, although I like computers, I do not know much about such arcane stuff as HTML. (Lest I be seen as too self-effacing, I am the proud author of everything that shows in my sidebar, so I have learned a lot. The only exception is my customized comment feature, which is called Metempsychosis Comments Hack 1.03 and was written by Ebenezer Orthodoxy.)

One reader said (flattering me): "You are a serious enough blogger I would suggest you consider looking to a hosted service with your own web page and using either Word Press or Movable Type."

Another blogger wrote:

We use Movable Type 3.14. I do like it better than Blogger, but it has its quirks. For example, there isn't a spell check feature and you have to type the HTML into the text as you type (in blogger you could toggle between HTML and normal page with HTML imbedded).

If I were you, I'd just buy the typepad service for ~$6/mo. We bought the full service because [a family member] has a server and he was willing to host the blog. If you have access to a sever (or want to pay to have it hosted), and you don't mind paying hundreds for a pro to design the templates, then go with the 3.14. But, if you want to use standard template - go with Typepad. Also, you might want to check out WordPress ( I don't know much about that format, but our web designer uses it.
I do have access to a server and so maybe Typepad 3.14 makes sense. But what's this about "paying hundreds for a pro to design the templates?" Do I care about designing my own template?

And what does anyone know about WordPress?

Comments and suggestions are welcome, nay, solicited!



Anonymous Anonymous said...


The MT format has multiple templates and is WAY over my head. I think I almost understand now what our web designer did, but we still have to contact him for minor tweaks and things that have to do with the underlying coding, not the Template HTML.

I think MT has a free version of 3.14 for individuals, although you may need to pay for an install ($60 I believe). My father-in-law is a MAC Systems Administrator and has maintained a MAC server for years. We followed the MT instructions exactly, but ran into trouble. The MT folks installed it in about 2 hours and we were off and running.

Our web designer used to use MT, but then switched to Word Press. There might be something to that. You should send Ray of Firewatching and e-mail sometime.  

Posted by Rick

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 8:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005 8:16:00 AM  

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