Friday, March 04, 2005

The L.A. Times Fouls Up Again


Hugh Hewitt, The Blogfather

Hugh Hewitt is pushing a very important story on his blog about an L.A. Times "front page paean to Kim Jong Il, 'North Korea, Without the Rancor.'" Most of my readers also read Hugh, but if you haven't yet, read his posts on this and act on them. He's exposing an outrageously silly approach to a deadly totalitarian regime.

UPDATE: Power Line reports that Barbara Demick, the Times article's author, has offered an explanation for her piece. Looks like she is suggesting that it was really satire. I guess that's possible, but . . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since it is unlikely that the Times will print my letter to the editor, at least it may reach the light of day on Hedgehog Central, to whit:

Editor, The Los Angeles Times:
Regarding “North Korea Without Rancor,” a feature article by Barbara Demick which appeared on the front page of today’s (March 3, 2005) Times, when will Western journalists lose their gullibility? When a citizen of a totalitarian state such as North Korea speaks to a Western reporter, he is doing so as a mouthpiece of the ruling regime. North Korea is as completely totalitarian and oppressive today as was the Stalinist Soviet Union. Any “businessman” who travels abroad, especially one who is former diplomat, may be conclusively presumed to be a government agent. Since the “businessman” approached your reporter in Beijing, you may safely assume the approach was approved by the Chinese government as well. In North Korea, just as there is no private property, there are no private opinions. Congratulations, your paper has joined the ranks of Lenin’s “useful idiots.” Ralph B. Kostant


Posted by Ralph Kostant

Friday, March 04, 2005 2:38:00 PM  

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