Thursday, February 03, 2005

The State of The Union Speech (and in case you're wondering where I've been . . .)

Work has had me, well, working, so I did not even get to hear the State of The Union address last night. I have it recorded and will have to listen later. I've certainly heard snippets and I know I am going to like it. Hugh Hewitt will direct you to all the roundups you'll need.

I'll be posting again tomorrow. For the meantime, I'll share this choice quote from Thomas Friedman:

Then there is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. This Charles-Manson-with-a-turban who heads the insurgency in Iraq had a bad hair day on Sunday. I wonder whether anyone told him about the suicide bomber who managed to blow up only himself outside a Baghdad polling station and how Iraqi voters walked around his body, spitting on it as they went by. Zarqawi claims to be the leader of the Iraqi Vietcong - the authentic carrier of Iraqis' national aspirations and desire to liberate their country from "U.S. occupation." In truth, he is the leader of the Iraqi Khmer Rouge - a murderous death cult.


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