Saturday, January 08, 2005

Saturday Morning Musings

I'm home with the flu and it's a rainy day to boot, so I'm doing extra blogging to take my mind off my throbbing head.

Hugh Hewitt's written another book, this time simply entitled "Blog:"

Read all about it and order it here. I'm waiting for delivery of my copy and can't wait to read it.

New Blog Recommendations

The Diplomad will fill two needs for you: Short-term, it will give you (anonymous) reports from State Department officials in Tsunami-wracked Indonesia. Longer term, it will give you some interesting and biting insights into the State Department, the U.N., and other creatures of foreign policy. It’s a multi-author blog, self-described as “a blog by career US Foreign Service officers. They are Republican (most of the time) in an institution (State Department) in which being a Republican can be bad for your career -- even with a Republican President!”

Trust me, you won't be disappointed.


This, like many other blogs, is a hitherto-undiscovered pleasure. The blogger, Matthew Peek, posts on a wide variety of topics. In his latest he apparently decided to ramble a bit and got onto the subject of cheeses. (I'll let you discover for yourself how he got there.) A ruminative excerpt:

Head Cheese: (from "HOG HEAD CHEESE - 1 lg. hog head, 1 1/2 tbsp. salt, Dash of red pepper, Dash of black pepper, 1 onion, 1 c. vinegar. Clean hog head by removing eyes, ears and brains. Saw into 4 pieces. Put in large pot and boil until tender. Remove meat from broth. Pick out bones and cook onion until done in broth. Dip out onion and run meat and onion through food chopper. Mix in peppers, vinegar and salt, put in cheese cloth or (leg of panty hose works real well), hang, let drip overnight. Slice and enjoy. Refrigerate unused portion."

Let's see: brains, eyes, ears, saw. None of these words should be used in the preparation of any food product. Maybe you would expect to hear these in conjunction with some Abu Ghraib testimony but certainly not from Martha Stewart. And what's with the panty hose? Does anyone keep these handy as a kitchen utensil?

Great stuff.

Wagonboy's Garage is another bloggy pleasure. Listeners to Hugh Hewitt's show will recognize the name as frequest caller. He describes himself thusly:

I'm Michael Smith, AKA Wagonboy on the Hugh Hewitt Show radio program. Wagonboy came about when I sent Hugh an e-mail griping about how many different campaigns he was asking his listeners to support. I told him I could be driving around in a beautiful 1969 GT Mustang convertible, but I'm driving an old Ford Taurus wagon instead because most of the restoration funds were going to selected Republican campaigns and charities.
If you are a dog lover, like me, you'll enjoy this Wagonboy post, which gives a taste of the terrific material you can find in blogs like his.

Of course, Stones Cry Out never disappoints.

Finally, if you like Hugh Hewitt you have to visit Radio Blogger from time to time. It's run by the Generalissimo of Hugh's show and is sort of a zany alter ego to Hugh's own blog.


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