Saturday, October 09, 2004

The People of Afghanistan Speak


While I'm posting photos, here's a Power Line link to one from today's historic election in Afghanistan that also says many, many things, and that makes me proud to be an American and hopeful for the future. Read the Power Line post and analysis here.

The Washington Times reports:

Ordinary Afghans place great hopes on the elections, which they see as a
turning point that would result in the disarming of warlords and an increase in
international support for economic reconstruction. "God willing, after tomorrow things will improve," said Abdul Wahid, a young grocery store owner who said he would vote for Mr. Karzai. "People know the difference now between constantly fighting and leading a normal life."

"We don't want any more destruction, we want development," said truck
driver Mohammed Serajuddin. "So we'll vote, we are not afraid."


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