Saturday, October 09, 2004

A More Positive Saturday Morning

Okay, I feel better. Hugh Hewitt, for one, has cheered me up. Hugh notes the many politically damning statements and flip-flops Kedwards has made. One must reduce whatever Hugh says about such things by 10-15% because the dear man is such a GOP homer, but even at 75% acceptance, Kerry's substantive problems, as identified by HH, are potentially devastating. I wonder if we will see some Bush ads soon making use of some of them.

Note: Hugh also thinks it's time for Bush-Cheney to bring out Kerry's vote against the 1991 Gulf War. Maybe in the third debate? Think of it: All Bush has to do is say (and please stay calm and enunciate clearly when you say it, Mr. President) is this:

If Senator Kerry had his way, Saddam Hussein would have never left Kuwait
and would still be in power.

Now, tell me that would not leave Kerry reeling.

Good news in the war on terror: Prime Minister Howard won re-election, despite strong internal opposition to Australian participation in the war. Get info about the elections here. (Link requires registration, but it's free, and is an excellent way to check in occasionally with Australian news and thinking.)


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