Friday, October 08, 2004

Quote of The Day; And Some Thoughts about The Future

This is from Peter Mulhern's blog as part of the Hugh Hewitt symposium:

Kerry said something else today that shows even more clearly how little he
understands about the world: “It is completely consistent that you can see
[Saddam] as a threat and deal with him realistically just as we saw the Soviet
Union and China and others as threats and have dealt with them in other ways.”
Kerry seems to be saying that since we didn’t have to invade the Soviet Union we
shouldn’t have had to invade Iraq. Give me the old time deterrence, it’s good
enough for me.

If that is what Kerry was driving at then he learned nothing from September 11, 2001. That was the day every American with a healthy respect for the value of his own hide learned that we cannot deal with threats from the Arab world by relying on deterrence, international sanctions, summit meetings or gaseous statements of goodwill.

One commenter below (we'll call him Chip; he and I are acquainted) says:

Bush hasn't been right yet on anything when it comes to post 9/11 actions. If
anything, the argument you should make for voting for Bush is something along
the lines of "he can't be wrong all the time, can he?"

Chip is a fierce critic of President Bush and delights to point out what he considers Bush's idiocy. But there is a choice to be made on November 2, and we need to talk what is to be done about Islamofascism. I personally believe Kerry, if elected, will get thousands of Americans killed right here in our country. I hope I am wrong, but that's what I think. To Chip, GWB can never do anything right. No, Bush has not conducted the Iraq war in the flawless manner in which Kerry and all other Democrats would conduct it (we all know, after all, that mistakes are never made in war, right?). But Bush is not afraid to use force. The overwhelming evidence in John Kerry's record is that Kerry is indeed afraid to use force, or is at least so reluctant to use it as to endanger all of us.

That's about all there is to it, as far as I am concerned. Those who disagree should cheerfully vote for Kerry and stop calling Bush a dummy.

What is so interesting (and worrisome) about this election is that so many Americans seem willing to entrust their security to John Kerry. It may be that we need to elect Kerry, and to suffer a disaster here in America on his watch, before more Americans will understand the need to defeat Islamofascism utterly.

And that would be a tragedy of the first order.


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