Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Odds and Ends on The Day of The Vice Presidential Debate

First, thanks to Power Line, here's an editorial from the Lowell Sun, of Lowell, Massachusetts, eloquently endorsing George W. Bush. The endorsement is interesting because John Kerry's first political campaign was for the congressional seat encompassing Lowell. Read the whole thing-- it's short.

Next, President Bush is starting to pound away on the issue that should win this election for him, as the New York Times reports:

"'The policies of my opponent are dangerous for world peace,'' Mr. Bush said.
'If they were implemented, they would make this world not more peaceful, but
more dangerous.'"

Simple, direct, and a winner. At least I think so. Notably, the Times reports, the Bush campaign "suddenly changed plans for an event on medical liability on Wednesday and scheduled a speech by Mr. Bush on terrorism and the economy instead." The Times, of course, treats this as evidence of concern in the Bush campaign. Well, it most likely is. But it's also a recognition that the President needs to emphasize the war issue, and that Kerry has given him lots of room to do so.

Finally (for now) here is a recently-discovered copy of Kerry's crib notes from the debate (warning: parody):

Thanks to Fraters Libertas for that one.


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