Monday, September 13, 2004

RatherGate Rolls On: The Prowler Has A Source Within CBS


Well, I don't think it's this bad, but it's pretty close. The sad thing is, Dan Rather doesn't even realize it.

The Prowler (from the American Spectator, a real magazine who probably even has writers who don't work in their pajamas) has a source within CBS News. Here's a tidbit:

While CBS news anchor Dan Rather can say there is no internal investigation
under way over the alleged forged documents used as the foundation for an
investigation into President George W. Bush's National Guard service, you
wouldn't have been able to tell from the 15 or so 60 Minutes and CBS News"
staffers working away feverishly on Friday and Saturday to try to nail down
their story.

On Friday, according to CBS News sources, Rather spent the day on the phone and dealing with CBS suits who were nervous about the fall out from the story. "All Dan could say was that this was an attack from the right-wing nuts, and that we should have expected this, given the stakes," says a CBS News producer. "He was terribly defensive and nervous. You could tell."

Read it all.

But it gets better. An interesting site called posted here a summary of stories by the other mainstrean TV networks that are anything but flattering to Dan rather and CBS. It's a short but interesting read. Looks like there's blood in the water . . . .


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