Sunday, September 12, 2004

Dan Rather's Adventures in Wonderland

I have all kinds of religious obligations and commitments today, so this may be all I post.

The CBS forgery story is not going away. Power Line today is (as usual) the best site to watch for developments, since they have been driving the story almost from the beginning. Here's an excerpt from one of today's Power Line posts:

It is time to draw the obvious inferences from CBS's behavior and from the
circumtances of the case. The 60 Minutes documents purportedly derive from the
"personal file" of a long-deceased superior officer of President Bush. The
family of the deceased officer denies that they are the source of the

CBS refuses to identify the source of the documents or otherwise to
disclose how they came into its possession. The reporter who vouches for the
authenticity of the documents is himself no expert, but a long-time antagonist
of conservatives in general and the Bushes in particular, with close ties to
Texas Democrats. The documents discredit discredit Presidnet Bush consistent
with a key Democratic theme in the midst of a presidential campaign.

Substantial evidence of the fraudulent nature of the documents is
produced. The reporter demands that we take his word on the authenticity of the
documents. CBS fails to identify a single document analyst who supports the
authenticity of the documents. CBS fails to produce a single authentic document
with an appearance like the documents in issue.

CBS refuses to disclose the copies of the documents for independent
examination by a neutral third party. Evidence of the fraudulent nature of the
documents continues to mount. See, for example, this morning's Washington Times
story, "Bush Guard
papers 'forged'"
and this morning's New York Times story, An
ex-officer now believes Guard memo isn't genuine."

Drawing the reasonable inferences implicit in these circumstances, the
serious question that must be asked at this point is what happens when a media
monolith acts as a front for Democratic operatives peddling forgeries calculated
to smear a Republican president and presidential candidate?

Read the whole thing.


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