Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Swimming (Walking?) to Cambodia

Here's a link to Hugh Hewitt's transcript of his interview with Steve Gardner, who served on John Kerry's swift boat for 2 and 1/2 months of the 4 months and 12 days that Kerry was in command of the boat. It will be interesting to see if the elite media pick up on this story.

Here's what Power Line thinks about that:

As for the burning question of the moment--will the major media cover this
story or bury it?--I think the answer is, neither. In a day or two we'll see
small, discreet stories that say there is a "controversy" about Kerry's
Cambodian adventure. The stories will be even-handed, giving equal time to
Kerry's irrelevant slanders of the Vietnam vets, and they will mention that
there was a similar "controversy" about President Bush's National Guard service.
That will be it. Kerry's excellent adventure will disappear from the news, never
to be mentioned again in the mainstream media.


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