Saturday, August 07, 2004

Alan Keyes for U.S. Senate?

I agree with many of my fellow conservatives that Alan Keyes makes the conservative case forcefully, but I am less interested in hearing music to my ears than I am in seeing conservative ideas actually implemented as policy.  For that to happen, Keyes has to get elected.  I'd like to see that happen but I don't think the good citizens of Illinois will elect a black conservative firebrand from Maryland.  (I hope I am proven wrong.)

To be sure, Keyes will give Barack Obama a rigorous debate and will force Obama to respond to some serious conservative arguments.  That's good, but the problem with Keyes remains that his style makes it easy to caricature him, which the elite media will do with relish.  I don't like it when good conservative arguments are presented in such an over-the-top way that the audience doesn't really hear them.


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