Wednesday, August 11, 2004

More Evidence (As If Any Were Necessary) of Our Need to Stay on Our Toes

This story by Bill Gertz in the Washington Times reveals more details about al-Quaeda's plans to disrupt our fall national elections. Apparently they have made intricate plans to assassinate a U.S. leader, either in the USA or abroad.

I began reading the 9/11 Commission's report last evening. It reads like a novel in many ways and is downright riveting. Still, it is pretty grim reading. I had to switch to some other reading material for a few minutes just so I could get to sleep. It is good to be reminded of the ruthelssness, heartlessness, barbarity and determination of those who have chosen to be our enemies. Among other things, my determination is renewed, and the silly politicization of this grave national problem is all the more stark to me. After reading a few pages about al-Quaeda, the antics of people like Michael Moore and Joe Wilson seem both ridiculous and beneath contempt.


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