Thursday, August 05, 2004

Two Pieces of Interest: One on The War And The Other on The Campaign


Heather McDonald on "Privocrats"

If you fly a lot, like I do, this opinion piece by Heather McDonald will have you thinking (and perhaps a little enraged).

Here's her concluding paragraph:

There is no way to keep a terrorist from flying without first trying to
determine who he is. Yet the most innocuous identity verification system prior
to a flight is now seen as tantamount to illegal surveillance. With the rights
advocates back in the saddle of national security, al Qaeda can blithely get on
with its business.

Peggy Noonan's Take

As Ms. Noonan writes here, she has made an interesting decision: To take a leave of absence from her employer, the Wall Street Journal, and campaign full time-- presumably for President Bush. I admire her decision and hope the Bush campaign uses her. She wrote many of Ronald Reagan's best speeches and also wrote the one that the senior president Bush gave in 1988, which erased a double-digit Michael Dukakis lead.

I have heard GWB's stump speech and like it, but it does need some tweaking. His Republican convention speech will need to be a good one, and he can use a wordsmith and idea-spinner of Noonan's caliber.


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