Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Iranian Agents Captured in Iraq, Building Bombs: This Is News, Right? Well, Not to The "Mainstream" News Media


Tell everyone you know about this news appearing in Captain's Quarters, another excellent political blog. This seems like important news, doesn't it? But look at the long list of major newspapers that reported nothing, zero, zilch, about the story.

Here's how Fox News reported it:

"American and Iraqi joint patrols, along with U.S. Special Operations (search) teams, captured two men with explosives in Baghdad on Monday who identified themselves as Iranian intelligence officers, FOX News has confirmed.

"Senior officials said it was previously believed that Iran had officers inside Iraq stirring up violence, but this is the first time that self-proclaimed Iranian intelligence agents have been captured within the country.

"The Defense officials also confirmed to FOX News that in recent days there has been significant success in tracking down 'known bad guys' based on information from local citizens. While those captured aren't from the list of former regime members or from terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's (search) network, they are 'active' bombers and organizers of recent violence."

You can find the Fox report here.


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