Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Is Mr. Kerry A Phony, Or What?

Senator Kerry's a big fan, yes, sir!

At least that's what he says. Maybe not. Peter Gammons of ESPN notes:

"We have been led to cynically believe that many politicians are disingenuous and generally phony, but few will ever beat Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. This man, who . . . at an anti-Vietnam rally threw someone else's medals into the water, made a self-promotion appearance with Boston talk-show maven Eddie Andelman and claimed he was a big Red Sox fan from his days growing up in Groton, Mass. And at the promotion he said Eddie Yost was his favorite player.

"The problem with that is just the simple fact that Eddie Yost never played for the Red Sox."

How embarrassing for JFK. Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for this one.


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