Thursday, May 11, 2017


From Reuters via Yahoo Finance.

First China purchased the Israeli agricultural cooperative Tnuva. Now Chinese investors are scrambling to invest in Israeli tech companies. Hopefully this will promote regional peace, as the Chinese will not be happy with those anti-Israel forces who would threaten their multi-billion dollar investments. Indeed, I feel the same way about Chinese investment in the United States. In world history, when a rising imperial power challenges an existing empire, the result has often been terrible armed conflicts. Think of the Peloponnesian Wars, the Punic Wars, the centuries of conflict between France and England, World War I and so on. I would be delighted if the People's Republic of China has so much invested in our country that it would never think of allowing a dispute to spiral into armed conflict, and the converse sentiment should also apply. Peace through capitalism.

HONG KONG/TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Struggling to seal deals in the United States as regulatory scrutiny tightens, Chinese companies looking to invest in promising…