Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Official Palestinian Daily Lauds Hitler, Blames 9-11 on Freemasons and Zionists

Where a government controls and censors the press, nothing is published that does reflect the regime's own point of view.  Therefore when an op-ed piece by Mr. Hassan Ouda Abu Zaherone appeared today in the official Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, praising Hitler, and blaming 9-11 on Freemasons, one can be confident that the Palestinian Authority itself has approved the message.

Here is an excerpt from what one might call the PA's welcome to President Obama on his visit to Israel and Ramallah:

"'History is a great lie written by the victors' - said Napoleon Bonaparte, the source of dubious historical writing and father of Freemasonry in France. If so, is the history planted in us through TV and the standard educational curriculum indeed true? The source of this history is the West - the victor ever since the fall of Andalusia (Muslim Spain)! ...Our history is replete with lies, from lies about the corrupt [Caliph] Harun Al-Rashid, which ignore the sources indicating that he dedicated one year to pilgrimage [to Mecca] and one year to Jihad (i.e., he was a good Muslim), to the lie about Al-Qaeda and the Sept. 11 events, which asserted that Muslim terrorists committed it, and that it was not an internal American action by the Freemasons, which was mentioned in the Illuminati game cards ten years before it took place, and in over 15 Zionist and Freemason Hollywood-produced films in the 1990s. The method of repeating [the lies] over and over has authenticated false facts. Had Hitler won, Nazism would be an honor that people would be competing to belong to, and not a disgrace punishable by law. Churchill and Roosevelt were alcoholics, and in their youth were questioned more than once about brawls they started in bars, while Hitler hated alcohol and was not addicted to it. He used to go to sleep early and wake up early, and was very organized. These facts have been turned upside down as well, and Satan has been dressed with angels' wings..."

Kudos to Palestinian Media Watch for translating and publicizing this column, as part of its ongoing mission to make the English-speaking world aware of what is published and broadcast in Palestininan and other Arab media.

About those "Illuminati game cards," are any of our readers familiar with the paranoid fantasy that Mr. Zaherone is spinning here?  It's new to me, but as a card-carrying Zionist myself, I sure would like to get myself a deck.


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