Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why is Mali different from Gaza?

Please do not misunderstand me.  I totally support France's armed intervention in Mali and any support the United States gives to France in that effort.

Still, one wonders:  Why do France and the United States view France as justified in using armed force to expel Islamist militias from Mali, but both countries oppose an Israeli invasion of Gaza to do the same?

Have any rockets, missiles and artillery been launched at France from Mali?  Islamist militias in Gaza have fired thousands of rockets and shells at Israeli cities and towns.

Have the Islamists in Mali declared that their goal is to eliminate the French nation?  Hamas and its Islamist allies have repeatedly said that their ultimate goal is the elimination of the State of Israel and the physical eradication of the Jewish people.

Are the French planes and French soldiers armed with some wondrous new bombs and bullets that only harm combatants, without any risk of civilian casualties?  If not, why demand the same of the Israel Defense Forces, which have gone to greater lengths to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza than any military in any campaign in history?

Just wondering.  In the meantime, as far as its Mali venture is concerned, viva la victorie and viva la France!


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