Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Israel Sends Assistance to International Disaster Sites

If an extraterrestrial visitor to Earth were to judge only by resolutions condemning Israel passed by the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council, the visitor would assume that it is the most evil nation in the world today, if not in all human history. More resolutions condemning Israel are passed than against all other nations of the world combined.

Once the visitor educated itself about earthly politics and the sorry condition of the United Nations, and then examined the facts further, it would come to a very different conclusion. Here is an incomplete list of how Israel has responded in recent years to international disasters, by rendering humanitarian assistance:

Albania- After severe flooding in December of last year, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered 307 family-sized tents for families made homeless by flooding there.

Congo- Israel sent 4 tons of humanitarian aid to the country in November 2008 to relieve the suffering of the population in rural areas.

Dominican Republic- Israel sent relief teams to assist in cleanup operations in the wake of Tropical Storm Noel in November 2007.

Greece- Israel sent 52 firefighters to assist in battling major conflagrations there in August 2007.

Haiti- In January 2010 Israel was the first country to successfully setup a fully equipped field hospital just 4 days after the devastating earthquake that struck the country.

India- Israel sent 150 emergency personnel to assist in relief efforts after the January 2001 earthquake in Western India.

Indonesia- In January 2005 Israel sent 75 tons of relief material for the benefit of those made homeless by the December 2004 Tsunami.

Kenya- Israel sent search and rescue teams to Kenya after the bombing of the US Embassy there in August 1998.

Macedonia- Israel sent firefighting equipment twice in 2007 to assist in battling major blazes there in July and August 2007.

Mauritania- Two medical missions sent to the country by Israel in 1999 to treat eye problems among the populace.

Mexico- Israel sent relief teams to assist in cleanup operations in the wake of Tropical Storm Noel in November 2007.

Myanmar- Israel sent relief workers to help local officials in the wake of the devastation caused by Cyclone Nargis.

Nepal – Israel's non-profit organization Tevel b'Tzedek sends volunteers to help with Kathmandu street children's crises in ongoing programs.

Nicaragua- Israel sent relief teams to assist in cleanup operations in the wake of Hurricane Felix in September 2007.

Nigeria- Israel sent medical supplies to Nigeria in March 2006 to battle bird flu.

Philippines- In response to the damage caused by typhoon Ondoy, Israel sent planeloads of medicine to the beleaguered areas in October 2009.

Sri Lanka- After the December 2004 Tsunami Israel delivered emergency food kitchens to help feed those displaced by the devastating wave.

Turkey- Israel sent 250 relief workers to assist in cleanup operations after the August 1999 earthquake that hit Turkey, followed by a complete field hospital. After the area was cleared, Israel then built a village of prefabricated houses for the survivors.

This list does not include Israeli humanitarian assistance sent to Japan, China, Kashmir, Chad & Somalia'

The source of all this humanitarian aid is a tiny nation with a land mass the size of New Jersey and a population of only seven million. Its humanitarian contributions dwarf those of the Islamic nations, probably combined, with their billions of petroleum income and over a billion and a half in population.

Indeed, a number of the recipients of aid listed above are Islamic nations and other countries who regularly vote to condemn Israel in the United Nations.

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