Wednesday, February 02, 2011

DRY BONES on Egypt

Readers may not be aware that according to one Jewish midrashic interpretation, the Valley of Dry Bones vision of the Prophet Ezekiel took place in Egypt, along the Sinai coastal plain. According to this midrash, the dry bones seen by the prophet were people from the Tribe of Ephraim, who jumped the gun on the exodus from Egyptian slavery, tried to reach the Land of Israel along the shorter coastal route, and were attacked and massacred by the Philistines.

So it is fitting that Yaakov Kirschen of DRY BONES, while not a prophet, at least gives us his graphic punditry on the situation in Egypt. Here are two offerings:

Not content with pictures, Kirschen adds these pithy thoughts:

"Sadly, for his entire Presidency, Mubarak squelched all sport and cultural exchanges with Israel, and prevented Egyptian tourism to the Jewish state. If he had allowed Egyptians to see and visit the free and democratic state next door, the "pro Democracy" riots would have broken out years ago ...but the Moslem Brotherhood would not have been waiting to pick up the pieces.

* * *
A thought: If the demonstrations sweeping the Middle East are the natural outpouring of a desire for freedom, why is it that they all seem to be targeting pro Western regimes? How come we're not seeing thousands of demonstrators in the streets of the cities of the Iranian-aligned Syrian dictatorship?"


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