Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mitt Romney is Early Favorite in US and Israel for 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination

A column in the Jerusalem Post reports that Mitt Romney not only holds a narrow lead in a Clausen Poll guaging the preferences of Republicans voters for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination; he also is viewed as the most likely nominee by both Republican and Democratic "insiders" based on a National Journal survey; and he is the preferred candidate (in the current field) of the "Israel Factor," a panel of Israeli analysts of the American political scene, sponsored by the Jerusalem Post. The Israel Factor panel ranked leading potential Republican nominees from 1 to 10 on their support of Israel, with 1 being bad for Israel and 10 being good for Israel. Romney led all candidates except for Rudy Giuliani, who does not appear to be considering another Presidential run. The makeup and biography of the "Israel Factor" panel appears here.

However, in order to win the GOP nomination, Mr. Romney must overcome the anti-Mormon bias among evangelical Christians in the Republican base that sunk his 2008 nomination effort. To educate themselves on that issue, Hedgehog readers should visit the Article VI Blog, created and operated by the original Hedgehog, Lowell Brown, a Mormon, and John Schroeder, an evangelical Christian.

Mr. Romney continues to enjoy the endorsement of the Kosher Hedgehog, who wonders how history might have been different had the GOP chosen the best candidate as its Presidential nominee in 2008. Fortunately, we have a do-over.


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