Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Israel Apologizes for Telling the Truth; Lefty Calls for Caroline Glick's Head

An Israeli government spokesperson whose superiors apparently have no backbone has apologized for sending out a link to the press of the online video "We Con the World." The Hedgehog posted the video here. My friend Rabbi Dov Fischer recommends that everyone view the video five times today.

As noted in the this Yahoo News story reporting the apology, one of the usual parade of clowns, Huffington Post's Eileen Read, a self-described "Los Angeles-based journalist focusing on foreign policy," has called for Jersusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick (photo above right), who produced the video, to be fired for a "blatantly racist video." There is nothing racist in the video, except to leftists such as Ms. Read, who consider any conservative to be a racist.

As for calling for an opinion columnist to be fired for expressing an opinion, I did not even wish that fate on Helen Thomas. Indeed, I was grateful that Ms. Thomas finally revealed her true opinions to the world.

I wonder if Ms. Read was as discomfited by the Helen Thomas statement as she is by "We Con the World." If so, she did not say so in a Huffington Post column. She is more preoccupied (in her May 2010 column) with defending the late Yasser Arafat, may his name be erased, against the charge made by Zionist tools such as former President Bill Clinton and Dennis Ross that Arafat torpedoed the 2000 Camp David talks. In her present column on the "We Con the World Video," she viciously attacks Caroline Glick, going so far as to state that Ms. Read is ashamed to have graduated from the same college (Columbia). So Ms. Read admires and defends Yasser Arafat, but dislikes Caroline Glick. Caroline, I would not be too upset.

The Yahoo News Story says "some" have called for Ms. Glick to be fired. Apparently, one far-left Huffington Post columnist qualifies as "some" to reporter Liz Goodwin. "Some" also advocate the secession of California from the United States, for that matter.

Ms. Goodwin also breathlessly reports that Ms. Glick "served in the Israel Defense Forces." We are shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that an Israeli citizen served in the Israel Defense Forces. Has any one told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or Defense Minister Ehud Barak? Does Ms. Goodwin believe that military service should disqualify Ms. Glick from working in journalism?


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