Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Joke That is so Funny it Hurts.

A man is walking down a Paris street, when he witnesses a pit bull viciously attack a little girl. The man rushes over, pries open the jaws of the dog from the girl's leg, and then, when the dog turns on him, manages to kill it. A gendarme rushes overs shouting, "Monsieur, you are a hero! Tomorrow the newspaper headlines will proclaim 'Brave Parisienne saves little girl from vicious dog!' "

"Oh, but I am not from Paris," the man responds.

"No matter, monsieur. Instead the headlines will read,'Heroic Frenchman saves little girl from vicious dog!' "

"But I am not from France, either," the man explains.

"Then where are you from?" asks the gendarme.

"I am a Jew from Israel," the man answers.

"Oh," the gendarme continues, "Well, in that case the headlines will read 'Israeli murders dog. Little girl injured in attack.' "


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