Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CNN: Israel First to Set Up Field Hospital in Haiti

If one regularly listens to the BBC and CNN, one might well conclude that Israel is the most evil nation on earth and the source of all of the world's problems.

Well, as none other than CNN reports, the only fully equipped field hospital in operation in Haiti as of yesterday was set up by the evil Israelis. The Israeli team running the highly mobile tent hospital had it up and running within 8 hours of arriving on scene, from the other side of the world. The facility includes an imaging center and surgery facilities. It has a capacity to treat 500 persons per day.

According to the CNN report, injured Haitians who were taken to poorly equipped hospitals and first aid centers are dying of gangrene-infected wounds for lack of medical supplies and advanced care. Jennifer Furin, an Harvard Medical Center volunteer physician at one of those centers told the CNN reporter that "No one other than the Israelis has taken any of our patients" that required greater care. CNN reports that the Israeli field hospital had already given care to over 300 patients sent by other hospitals and treatment centers.

In addition, Israel has sent experienced search and rescue teams, including search dogs, to Haiti, and they have located and rescued several people from the rubble. On a grimmer note, they have dispatched a forensic team to assist in the identification of victims.

On Sunday, one of the first Israeli medical aid teams on site delivered a baby at the field hospital. The grateful mother joyfully named her newborn boy--"Israel."


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