Monday, March 02, 2009

Where Are We In Iraq?

Christian Brose, writing at Shadow Government, suggests that President Obama owes some measure of gratitude to G.W. Bush:
Today begins the leap in the dark. For six years we've known that the Iraq
war must end and that at some point U.S. forces would leave. The question that
always hung out there was -- and then what? President Bush chose not to learn
the answer to that question. He could have, especially in January 2007, but he
left that decision to his successor -- and left it in better shape than at any
point since the invasion. If there was ever a time to begin withdrawing U.S.
troops from Iraq, it is now. And Obama, in large part, has George W. Bush to
thank for that.

Still looming is the uncertainty of, and then what? And the only answer is, we'll see.
Read the whole thing. The authors of Shadow Government describe it as "a blog about U.S. foreign policy under the Obama administration, written by experienced policy makers from the loyal opposition." It's worth a bookmark.


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