Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quotes of the Week

Jennifer Rubin:
We also have the obligatory column from Clark Hoyt admitting that the New York Times was wrong, but denying that their reticence to cover the Edward story was the result of liberal bias. Yes, who could imagine such a thing of the paper which ran a front-page, uncorroborated story of the Republican nominee’s alleged relationship with a lobbyist some nine years ago?
Indeed. Now ask yourself: Without new media, would the Edwards story ever have seen the light of day? Tim Rutten, no conservative he, notes the sine qua non role of non-MSM reporting in this story:
When John Edwards admitted Friday that he lied about his affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter, a former employee of his campaign, he may have ended his public life but he certainly ratified an end to the era in which traditional media set the agenda for national political journalism. From the start, the Edwards scandal has belonged entirely to the alternative and new media. The tabloid National Enquirer has done all the significant reporting on it — reporting that turns out to be largely correct — and bloggers and online commentators have refused to let the story sputter into oblivion. . . . the illusion that traditional print and broadcast news organizations can establish the limits of acceptable political journalism joined the passenger pigeon on the roster of extinct Americana.
(Emphasis added.) One wonders whether the recklessly philandering John F. Kennedy would survive politically in today's world. I doubt it.


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