Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Clark Judge on "Obama's Bad Trip"

Courtesy of Hugh Hewitt, Here's Mr. Judge's view of Obama's overseas effort:

Obama’s argument has been that the nation’s principal problems will not be solved by the application of policy – foreign or domestic – so much as by the repair of souls. The candidate’s sometimes-messianic tone has been a bi-product of a proposition that America is in a state of sin manifested by the divisions among us, that these divisions include those of excessive partisanship, and that Obama’s very election would represent the country’s transcending of its divisions.

This proposition is incompatible with a visit to a war zone and a speech given near where the Berlin Wall once stood. The world is a dangerous place, the journey acknowledged. Every moment invited comparison of a recently elevated state senator of no particular distinction with an opponent who in military service and the United States Senate has devoted his life to the nation’s safety.

In other words, in venturing overseas, Obama abandoned his agenda and embraced Senator McCain’s. He did this without prompting and apparently without realizing how foolish an errand he was on.

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