Wednesday, February 27, 2008

McCain Can Win This Thing!

Maybe Medved was right! McCain can win this election! Much to my surprise, a front page story in today's Los Angeles Times trumpted, "McCain has edge over Democrats." The story reports that a recent Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll shows Senator McCain beating either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama in a head-to-head contest.

The Democratic in-fighting is taking its toll. The public seems to be tiring both of Clintonian nasty political tactics and the love affair between Obama and the mainstream media. The latter phenomenon even was the subject of a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit this past weekend. (Of course, the SNL objective was to promote Senator Clinton's fortunes, not John McCain's.)

Even a liberal icon of the caliber of Leon Wieselthier expresses concern over the emptiness of Senator Obama's rhetoric. In the February 27, 2008 edition of The New Republic, he wrote:
The question of whether Barack Obama will make a fine commander-in-chief finally depends on your view of the direction of history in the coming years. I cannot escape the foreboding that we are heading into an era of conflict, not an era of conciliation. I do not mean that there will be many wars, though I cannot imagine that the threat to American security from Al Qaeda and its many associates can be met without a massive and sustained military operation in western Pakistan, and I cannot imagine any Pakistani government ordering such an operation. It is not "the politics of fear" to remind Obama's legions of the blissful that, while they are watching Scarlett Johansson sway to the beat, somewhere deep inside a quasi independent territory we might call Islamistan people are making plans to blow them to bits. (Yes, they can.)

Now that's a putdown worthy of the late William F. Buckley, Jr., may he rest in peace.


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