Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Should Israel Respond to the Palestinian Rocket Attacks on Sderot?

In the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens (the former editor of the Jerusalem Post) thoughtfully addresses the world community's demands on Israel to limit its self-defense measures to a "proportionate" response.


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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 1:32:00 PM  
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I'm NOT absolutely NOT an "anti-Zionist" as some have accused. I am however a world class 'didactic' multi-disciplined scientist and what I've empircally and logically confirmed, should be learned and discussed and NOT attacked; I'm NOT the enemy!

Yehoshua Ya'acov


Mois Navon, learns in Mercaz, and has requested to ‘receive,’ what is below written; and so would someone please be so kind as to provide, what is below written, to him to all of the Mercaz community, who want to learn the "meta narrative" of Mar. 6th, 2008.

Tky, Blessings,

Tky, Yehoshua

Subject: Condolences...and the Prayer(s) and 'good counsel' requested...

Mar. 11th, 2008

Ha Rav Shapira, Rosh Yehsiva

Rabbi David Simhon, Educational director of the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva,

Shalom Ha Rav Shapira & Ha Rav Simhon:

First, our deepest sympathy, and condolences, to the families and to you and your Yehsiva and community.

The “meta narrative” (actual meaning, of what Heaven has spoken, BEYOND the official narrative) that this event has brought, is not only addressed to the families and it’s to the community, but as well to Jerusalem, to the nation and to the Klal, on the Erev of Rosh Chodesh, as is herein and in counterpart CONFIRMED and it is, to compel three things.

1 – Our sustained awakening, that the nation state, is absolutely NOT Zionist as its behavior(s) confirm, and that its claim of Zionism, that was Israel’s ‘local reality,’ Heaven has COLLAPSED, beginning, on Nov. 5th, 1995. And while this fact has been and is since DENIED, this denial has/is “blocking” the community’s and the Klal’s and as well mankind’s ascent, to INHABIT the Quantum Reality that is Geulah and this is due to this DENIAL. And so our common suffering in this tragedy was/is, to “END the DENIAL,” of the end of exile.

2 – To achieve this, we must listen first and ONLY to Hashem, to learn and comprehend what are the reasons that Hashem has COLLAPSED the ‘local reality’ that was mankind’s exile. When and why, around the globe, beginning in 1991 and in Israel, in particular on Nov. 5th, 1995 and we all had better be very clear, exactly, what that ‘local reality’ was, that Hashem has COLLAPSED, and again why? AGAIN, the old ‘local reality’ was in general terms “giving, to receive,” and now its COLLAPSE was localized in particular, in Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, to lead the END of the DENIAL of the COLLAPSE of Israel’s national Zionism. Yes, of course, I understand and in fact comprehend the meaning of this, and how very difficult it will be to achieve, and so we can be certain Heaven will help us (above attached, is a COMMENTARY on our Amidah, to begin with that clarifies many of the event’s and their related matters and grammar).

3 – AGAIN, Heaven NOW COMMANDS that we “end the DENIAL” to the COLLAPSE of the ‘local reality,’ that is the “end of exile,” as must now become our central focus; that AGAIN was its old “giving, to receive,” that is NOW forbidden, as a framework for any learning, prayer and the performance of the Mitzvot. And further we must now OBEY Heaven’s COMMAND to immediately “deconstruct” its individual, family, communal and national “ground zero,” ONLY provable as actually accomplished, by the community’s parallel “deprogramming” of the mind(s) of exile, that was its old “central organizing principle” that was Zionism’s old “giving, to receive,” that is NOW COLLAPSED and is forbidden, in Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, by the Halachah of redemption is “Receiving, to give.”

4 – Begin reading, learning, and translating into Hebrew what is next to be central to the Yehsiva’s teaching, that is the “COMMENTARY” on our Amidah for redemptive learning, as is above attached; tendered from Heaven with the blood of our Dearly Beloved Sons, may they rest in His Peace.

His Blessings,

Yehoshua Ya’acov


Rabbi Yaakov Shapira, Head of the Mercaz HaRavYeshiva, said… "We are all in need of mercy, the entire country," Shapira cried. "Pray for all of us and give ‘good counsel’ to the families, [and] to the anguished friends."

"Where (and when) there is no wisdom, the people perish,"... may our Beloved sons rest in Peace, in His Blessed be Hashem's eternal Peace, and now it is in diminished capacity, although with a full and robust loving memory, we most humbly beg to take temporal leave, of:

Yohai Lifshitz, zt''l, 18, from Jerusalem; Yonatan Yitzhak Eldar, zt''l, 16, from Shilo; Yonadav Haim Hirschfeld, zt''l, 19, from Kohav Hashahar, Neria Cohen, zt''l, 15, also from the capital, Segev Peniel Avihail, zt''l, 15, from Neve Daniel, Avraham David Moses, zt''l, 16, from Efrat, Roee Roth, zt''l, 18, from Elkana and Doron Meherete, zt''l, 26, from Ashdod.

Hashem has imposed “ground zero” on many individuals (herein, beyond the dead), families, communities and the entire Religious Zionist movement and as well the nation; “NOW we must ask, and we will, and answer why? And too, what we’re to now do?”

Please help to see that this “good counsel,” reaches the families and loved ones, immediately.

8 - HEALING - (This is the 8th Blessing, from the Redemptive Amidah's “COMMENTARY." It Is a Commentary On Our Existing Amidah, for the Redemption NOW in Progress and it also ANSWERS His Blessed be Hashem's and the Rav's Request for Prayer(s)

Hashem, Please Bless what we NOW understand only comes AFTER deconstruction of your NOW imposed ‘ground zero’ since this NOW compels our sustained deprogramming, that is to bring Your restoration of our Authentic Segulah Bechirah Self and thus healing; from our psycholinguistic and cognitive ‘sleep of exile’s long night,’ that stole our conscious mind(s),’ and encouraged and promoted subconsciously exile’s agenda our behavioral self and its extremes, individually and also on the psychosocial level(s) of incitement(s) in our relationship(s) with ourselves, others and our environment(s).

Bless us and our enemies, in our common great need(s) of what was our common EXILE, to now comprehensively ‘uproot’ of ‘Akhan’s Tent,’ as the last symbol and vestige, of the FALSE identity of man and mankind’s exile within our mind, that stole our authentic identity, that we still cling to, in our minds and subliminally in our midst, in and with its psychosocial mechanism of cooperation, which is our continuing general and particular DENIAL within each one of us, of EXILE’S end.

Hahsem, compel NOW full deconstruction and deprogramming, of the Mercaz Harav ‘ground zero’s’ collapsed ‘local reality,’ that You’ve imposed, in Your infinite wisdom and mercy. Since exile’s end, is now our and all mankind’s particular and general psychosocial “ground zero,” despite our continuing DENIALS and ‘clinging to what was exile.’

Blessed are You Hashem, Who has IMPOSED His redemptive ‘ground zero,’ on the Mercaz Harav Yehsiva, to compel our, our families, community’s and nation’s SUSTAINED AWAKENING, ATONEMENT, RESTORATION and eventual comprehensive HEALING in 'His' AUTHENTIC Segulah Bechirah self, within all of us, Revealing in His DEREK of Hashem, what is Torah’s Humanomics, in general and what is its “central organizing principle” of Redemption, that is His “Receiving, to give,” in particular, as we NOW see what is ‘His’ Blessed be Hashem’s redemptive way(s).

As it is written, in our Blessed Torah, that our Blessed departed sons so loved, “who can say, what are you doing, what are you accomplishing?” And too, “Blessed be the true Judge.” And herein we pray that Hashem Bless the families, and all their loves ones, communities and the nation to, “Be Comforted Among The Mourners of Zion.” Blessed be Hashem, Who NOW, Blesses our Healing.

Shalom, His Servant

Yehoshua Ya'acov

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 8:03:00 AM  

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