Friday, November 23, 2007

A Thanksgiving Must-Read from Nancy French

Nancy French is a writer and the wife of David French, who's serving in Iraq. Nancy and David also happen to be the founders of Evangelicals for Mitt, a well-known political blog. Her post at National Review Online should be read by all of us at Thanksgiving. She begins:

My social skills disappeared when my husband was deployed to Iraq, because
even casual greetings at church immobilized me. I detested the automatic
responses which fall from everyone’s mouths — as if “How are you” is a quarter
in the Presbyterian Vending Machine and “fine” is the conversational candy, all
dusty and stale. It doesn’t matter if the dog died, the rent check bounced, or
the in-laws are staying an extra week, it seemed the only appropriate response
was “fine.” And, frankly, I wasn’t.

However, since I could tell the conversations would go no deeper than
lyrics to a Mariah Carrey ballad, I lied.

Read the whole thing.


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