Thursday, August 02, 2007

Egyptian Soliders Kill 4 Sudanese Trying to Enter Israel

The Jerusalem Post reports that Egyptian soldiers murdered 4 Sudanese refugees, trying to cross the border from Egypt into Israel, on Wednesday night, as Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops watched helplessly. After shooting two of the refugees to death, and wounding a third, the Egyptians beat the wounded man and the fourth, previously uninjured refugee to death, using stones and clubs.

After the initial fusillade of bullets killed his two companions, the unwounded man rain to the border fence. An IDF soldier reached over the fence to grab his arms and help him across. The Egyptians soliders grabbed him by the legs, however, and a macabre tug of war followed, which ended when the IDF soldier released his grip, fearing that the Egyptians were about to open fire on him. "They were aiming loaded weapons straight at us, I was afraid they were going to shoot us," he said.

The Egyptians then took the two surviving refugees several meters away from the border fence, and proceeded to beat them to death. "What happened there yesterday was a lynch. These are not men, they're animals. They killed him without even using firearms," the soldier said. "We just heard screams of pain and the sounds of beatings. Then the screams stopped."

Although the entire incident was filmed by IDF security cameras, but a spokesperson for Israel's Channel 10, which apparently had access to the tapes, stated that the channel chose not to broadcast them to avoid a diplomatic row with Egypt.

Read the entire account here. You are unlikely to read about the incident in the Los Angeles Times.


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