Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kassams Kill 1, Critically Wound Another, in Sederot Attack

The report on the Wednesday morning (Israel time) attack is in the Jerusalem Post. This time the Kassam barrage did not do "minimal damage," as the L.A. Times is fond of describing the Palestinian terrorist rocket attacks on civilian targets in Israel. My word, how will the L.A Times manage to find words to describe this attack?

UPDATE, Wed. 11/15/06 8:15 p.m. PST: We have our answer to my question above. This afternoon the Los Angeles Times website published an Associated Press account of the attack, under the headline "Israel Vows to Respond to Rocket Attack." Note that from the headline one would not even know that a life was lost.

The Jerusalem Post provides some information about the victims of Wednesday's kassam rocket attack on Sederot. Ironically, perhaps, the woman slain in this attack by Islamic terrorists, Fatima Slutsker (photo above), was herself a Moslem. A native of the Caucausus Mountains, in the former Soviet Union, she had immigrated to Israel, with her Jewish husband, three years ago. The most seriously wounded victim, Meor Peretz, who lost his legs in the rocket blast, is a security guard at the Sederot home of Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz (no relation).


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