Monday, November 13, 2006

Read Dry Bones!

Our regular readers know that the Kosher Hedgehog frequently links to the Dry Bones comic strip. We recently heard from Yaakov Kirschen, Dry Bones' creator, who wonders why we have never exchanged links. We have wondered the same thing, and hereby announce the new Dry Bones link in the left column of this blog.

Yaakov tells us a little about Dry Bones:

We are American/Israeli, Neocon, and Zionist and, according to Technorati, we've just broken into the top 5,000 (Rank 4,984, 920 links from 252 sites). We just won FOUR first place Gold Medals at the second annual JIB (Jewish & Israeli Blog) Awards: Best Blog (overall), Best Politics & Current Events Blog, Best Humor Blog, and Best New Blog of 2005.
We welcome Dry Bones to the Hedgehog family and are delighted to be part of his.


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