Sunday, August 06, 2006

EU Referendum: Tee-Shirt Guy and the Return of the Man in the Green Helmet

EU Referendum was the blog that first demonstrated that the news photos that came out of Qana on July 30 were posed, including the most iconic and reproduced photos of "the man in the white tee-shirt" and the "man in the green helmet," who shamelessly staged runs with the corpses of two little girls past the journalists in "Stretcher Alley." In "Qana--the director's cut," EU Referendum's Richard North demonstrates step by step the staging of the photos. That post culminates with proof that the "man in the white tee-shirt" is a Hezbollah operative. North found photographs taken by France 2 when the man gave its reporter a tour of his aparment. Posters and photos of Hezbollah head Sheik Nasrallah are plainly visible in the photos.

EU Referendum also featured "the man in the green helmet." Here I have reproduced one of the few photos available of the man when he is not carrying a corpse for the benefit of press photographers. It was EU Referendum's readers who found that photos of the same man, also carrying dead children, were takein in Qana on April 18, 1996, following an Israeli artillery attack on the same village, then as now undertaken in response to rockets launched into Northern Israel from that Hezbollah stronghold.

Now, Mr. Green Helmet has appeared again, this time on Saturday, August 5, following an Israeli air raid on Tyre, directed against Hezbollah rocket launchers in that Lebanese city. Once again, EU Referendum notes, Mr. Green Helment is the Lebanese "rescue worker" on the scene.

So who is Mr. Green Helmet? Is he just a particularly dedicated civil servant? Well, Germany's largest newspaper, Bilder Zeitung, in its online service, Bild.t-online, in a story headlined "Krieg Mit Bilder--Wie die Terroristen der Hisbollah mit toten Kindern Propaganda machen" ["War With Pictures--How Hisbollah Terrorists Make Propaganda With Dead Children"], has no trouble connecting the dots regarding Mr. Green Helmet's true vocation. "Die Vermutung: Es handelt sich um einen Propaganda-Agenten der Hisbollah!" ["The suspicion: One is dealing with a Hisbollah propaganda agent."]


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