Monday, May 01, 2006

Net Neutrality: Why You Should Support It

The proprietor of this sports message board is Chris Evans, a friend of mine with whom I disagree vigorously on just about everything political. (We enthusiastically agree about our favorite college sports team.)

I agree whole-heartedly with Chris, however, about net neutrality, which is:

"the guiding principle that has shaped the development and use of the Internet. It ensures that all users have access to the content, applications, and devices of their choice. The networks that provide access to all of this remain just the conduits to this information--they cannot interfere in its delivery."
Why do I agree? Because as a blogger and a "Main Street Republican" I can see no other way. Concentration of power in large institutions is antithetical to what the Internet is all about. Read Chris's post and take action!

UPDATE: InstaPundit has more links. I read the opposing views carefully, but am not persuaded-- provided that "preserving Net neutrality" doesn't really mean "regulate the Net."


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