Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shotguns, Birdshot and Such

I have never hunted but I know a little about shotguns and birdshot. At least I have fired a shotgun and used birdshot in target practice, things I suspect David Gregory has never done. Anyway, I'm not paying too much attention to Vice President Cheney's recent hunting accident, but if you want a quick primer on what really happened and what kind of weaponry was involved, Mary Katherine Ham has a fine post on Hugh Hewitt's blog today.


Anonymous DL said...

"Birdshot" is a misnomer as is "BB's" Shot comes in steel(for ducks and waterfowl) or lead. After various large deer hunting sizes "buckshot" generally comes 2-4's usually used for geese/fox - ducks, rabbits,pheasant, 4-6's doves, partridge,quail depending any where from 71/2's to 11's dust size stuff. The larger shot will tear up a small quail. 

Posted by DL

Saturday, February 18, 2006 2:35:00 AM  

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