Sunday, February 12, 2006

An Interview with Former Terrorists

Here's an interesting interview from a cable station in New Jersey called CN8. Apparently CN8 is a Comcast channel; more about it here.

I am not quite sure what to make of this interview or the interviewees. The group includes three men who profess to be reformed terrorists: Walid Shoebat, Zak Anani, and Ibrahim Adbullah. I'm a little suspicious about the complete turnaround these three men claim to have undergone, because they now sound like perfect American neocons, right off the pages of Commentary. Even so, the perspectives expressed are interesting.

What adds to my reluctance to swallow everything these three have to say are the activities of the apparent leader of the group, Mr. Shoebat. He has his own Walid Shoebat Foundation, the web site for which reads, frankly, like a Center for Security Policy web page. Color me skeptical.

You can read more about these three gentlemen here, in a transcript of an O'Reilly Factor interview.


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