Friday, September 30, 2005

If You Are Following The Joe Wilson Saga, Read This; And Here's Something Else Too . . .

John Hinderaker of Power Line offers a succinct and persuasive explanation for New York Times reporter Judith Miller's sudden decision to testify to the grand jury. It is interesting that the New York Times and others in the MSM echo chamber have imputed such nobility to Miller's refusal to testify. It certainly seems that her reasons for protecting sources are not quite so high-minded.

Speaking of Power Line, don't miss this exchange between Mr. Hinderaker and Marvin Kalb, one of the old lions of CBS News during the 60s and 70s. Kalb recently interviewed Dan Rather about RatherGate, and did so in such a softball manner that Hinderaker felt compelled to comment. Anyway, read the e-mails between Kalb and Hinderaker. For me, reading Kalb's comments was a painful reminder of the bad old days when biased, faulty thinking like his could not be effectively challenged. Reminders like that are important; without them the blogosphere's impact might go unappreciated.


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